Hello everyone!

If you are keeping track of our progress and updates, you'll probably had heard abour car customizartion on Formula Wincars. This will be possible thanks to the use of stickers, which you will be able to place in lots of spots of your car, custom car lights, and above all, a wide range og skins available to each car model.

28 Aug 2014

Hi everyone! Today I`m going to explain you another way to take the player into the game environment. When we are looking for references to make a new place of the game or thinking what we are going to need in order to do it, is a good idea thinking on “clichés”.

People tend to know what kind of objects are supposed to be in certain places, and this is good because it makes easy for us to us build believable environments, even fantasy places. By the other way we can´t abuse of them, because repetition of these patterns over and over again can make them loose all meaning.

Today I bring you three examples of how we use clichés in Formula Wincars places. How many common elements can you find on them?

26 Aug 2014

Last month we were talking about implementing the social aspects of Formula Wincars, how you can send a friendship request to anyone and how we handle that. But as I told you, being social is not only having friends, but also being able to play with them.

Whenever you want, you can send a race invitation to a friend of yours to play together. We will set up everything for you, whether it is a private or public race, with teams or free for all, but first we have to somehow connect you to your friend as a group of people willing to play. Wanna know how?


Randomly chosen among al participants, the winners are: Marta Elías Gambrina, Ana Hurtado Collado y Dani SR DK. Please contact us to get your prizes....¡and thanks a lot everyone for participating!


Our release date is approaching and in order to celebrate our upcoming closed-beta launch, we decided to run a contest!