11 Feb 2015
DragonJam Confidential (part 1)

Some weeks ago, we asked you to send us your questions to any member fo our team. We've gathered together all of them, added a few more....and here are the answers of the team!


Hello everybody!

It’s been a tough month full of intense work, but it also brought highly gratifying results. In this update we will show you some screenshots which illustrates our progress, don’t hesitate to leave a comment expressing any thought you may have on this.


A post talking about music surrounding Formula Wincars

We explain how we faced this challenge and also introduce two new songs for the first time, including Javi Diez's from Mägo de Oz first piece!!


3 Dec 2014
How to start making games

We actually receive a lot of visits from people interested in starting to make games, sometimes entire teams. Usually on the novice side of the indie spectrum, they are very passionate individuals that really could get a hand or find some help in articles like these. With the accumulated knowledge of everyone here at DragonJam, we will give you some key points to have in mind. Read more!

26 Nov 2014

How can me make a visually beautiful, and at the same time, functional environment?

Easy…..use magic!

Unfortunately, not everybody has entered the occult yet. So if that’s your case, there’s another way of achieving this task: Create balanced page layouts, spend hours and hours doing computer work, discard lots of failed ideas, and finally, get the final result. 

We explain the entire process!