26 Nov 2014

How can me make a visually beautiful, and at the same time, functional environment?

Easy…..use magic!

Unfortunately, not everybody has entered the occult yet. So if that’s your case, there’s another way of achieving this task: Create balanced page layouts, spend hours and hours doing computer work, discard lots of failed ideas, and finally, get the final result. 

We explain the entire process!

20 Nov 2014

Yes, by now you already have learned a lot of things about Formula Wincars. Different kinds of cars, strategy, fame... frenzy races full of dangers and even exploration in order to find every circuit's Wincar Emblem.

But we have never spoken about the camera so far, and it happens to be a very important element for every racing game.

Let's think about it for a moment, what is the first thing we need the camera to do?

13 Nov 2014

Unconditional fan: “Hey, this game is awesome! I wonder how they always find the right rivals for me...”

Today we are showing you how the process of matchmaking we do to find people for you to race against.

Cathedral, Castelul buna moarte

Hi again! 

Today I´m going to explain to you how I modelled the cathedral from Castelul Bunâ Moarte circuit. 

4 Nov 2014
Deal with shaders

Hello everybody! Today we have a small technical post for you. If you haven't read the title, we are going to talk about shaders and materials...