30 Oct 2014

In Formula Wincars, you can expand your collection of drivers and cars, customize them, and acquire all kind of products with the money you earn playing the game. In our store you can use two different “currencies”: Driving Points (which are earned by playing the game) and Wincar Credits (which can be acquired with money). Because every product in Formula Wincars can be purchased with both, the entire catalogue is always at your disposal!

All of this is done with our Store. Do you want to know how it works? Read more!

23 Oct 2014

All kinds of people come to these races, yes, they accept anyone.They are strong, vulgar, brute, scoundrel, heavy.. and you gonna distinguish them by how they express themselves.What do they say? Tell me how you move and I´ll tell you how the drill is.. wasn´t it? Well, more or less.

21 Oct 2014

Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since last time I wrote a post for this, our beloved development blog, but the hugest videogame event held in Spain took place last weekend and I had to cover it!

15 Oct 2014
For the emperor of FW!

Goods news everyone!

Before you continue reading, let me give you some piece off advice. This post contains high levels of freaking programming stuff, I take no responsability if a Code Worm appears in your brain and starts a lobotomy.

9 Oct 2014

I ain't no God, I am just a simple Concept Artist, but I do create worlds!

Formula Wincars is an arcade racer, but we also want you to enjoy the circuits we have designed. We do the process of conceptualizing an environment with great care and much effort. We want every stage to be unique and different, starting from the Concept Art phase, we take care of the personality of each section of the race.

This work of conceptualization of a ​​stage (which will be integrated in 3D later on, so you can enjoy it), has the following stages: