18 Sep 2014

Good news everyone!

We have almost told you everything about tournaments, but there is one more thing, the stuff that will make you do a “Shut up and take my Doge!” when registering for a tournament.


16 Sep 2014

Cars. For some people a simple mode of transport but for others much more.
Since we were young we enjoyed playing with them. We´ve gazed at´em from the back seat dreaming to sit in front.
It´s authentic art elevated to the highest to induce emotions.
In good hands they are weapons to compete in races and become in an extension of ourselves. Dominate them is a challenge where you never feel completly satisfied and this is why you always come back for more. It gives style to the battle, aerodinamic sets the driving, it´s not just something beautiful because each part has a function.

11 Sep 2014

In Formula Wincars more than 4000 players can simultaneously compete in tournaments to get awesome prizes. Not only in-game prizes (skins, new cars, characters...) but also physical prizes! Competition is very important to us. Want to learn more? Keep reading!





Constant surprises! That is the rule that we have always had in Dragonjam´s team. Obviously, power is nothing without control, so if we really want to surprise players, we must integrate them into the game consistently.

-How can we innovate in a widely-known and exploited genre as the arcade racing? 


2 Sep 2014

Hi everyone!

For sure you already know, but here in Dragon Jam we are back-counting days for our closed beta launching day, and we hope to have it ready for the end of October. So, those of you who already signed up in our website will be able to try it for the first time and fill our forums - we hope you to do it - with your feedback and suggestions in about two months.

Meanwhile, if you want to start to warm up your engines, I would like to recommend you a few games I've had always in my mind while designing Formula Wincars. All of them have a solid gameplay and a lot of bomb-proof fun. Besides, you will find Formula Wincars hides something of each of them inside, so I hope the waiting for our hyper extra megaton-apotheosic beta launching will be much lighter. Let's go!